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I'm makin a web comic!

2010-03-14 03:24:08 by misterwigggles

The comic is called Legacy Awry, its a shonen martial arts comic.

Legacy Awry explores the issues and sacrifices of heroics. It has mostly realistic martial arts, with ki blasts that mostly obey physics. It has ninjas, aliens, mecha, ghosts, costumed super heroes, and some magic thrown in for good measure.

We have a finite story, with a solid beginning, middle, and end. We build up our heroes from the beginning, show the viewer their very souls, and tear them down in a manner befitting those who've sacrificed everything except their core values. These are people, and this is what happens when people are pushed to the edge of their potential.

We got an kick ass of Dark Messiah999, and he can found at Deviant Art right here! http://darkmessiah999.deviantart.com/

Except to see some concept art floating in the art portal.